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Roleplay Guide

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Roleplay Guide

Post by Mike on Wed Jun 24, 2009 3:04 pm

1. Spell check—no one wants to read your typos, it puts them off. Typos are fine, of course, but make an effort to spell check your posts.
2. This is related but, no chatspeak in IC. Everyone hates it. You can’t read it. Please don’t do if the creator of the board doesn’t want you too.
3. Post length—quality over quantity obviously, but you should describe your character at length so people get a feeling of who your character is. Not only current appearance but things like personality, history, flaws, the stuff that makes a human interesting.
4. Use proper grammar in IC—that means capitalization, quotation marks, etc.
5. Make your best effort to write intriguing and interesting posts—everyone gets better at writing and roleplaying and until then ask questions so you can learn.
6. Please be original, not only does it get boring to see the same characters over and over again, but there are so many of the same genre RP circling around. If you see an RP of a genre you like, don't start a thread with the same thing, join the original one. Also, try to be ecclectic with what you RP, make up some new ideas about what to roleplay. TRY NOT TO BE REDUNDANT IN THE THREADS THAT ALREADY HAVE BEEN POSTED.


1. Don't use '*', you should use formal writing to a certain extent while roleplaying. Use this in local ooc chat
2. Structure the sentences so they all flow together
3. Do not use words repeatedly. For example: He got up and got dressed. He walked into the washroom. He picked up a brush and he brushed his teeth. He walked into his room once again. He pushed open his door. He left his house. See? it gets annoying. 4. Make sure you have more than just a sentence. A truely gifted roleplayer can stretch one sentance into atleast three paragraphs.
5. Pay attention and read about what is going on around you. Try and effectively jump into situations where you would otherwise be left out of the general flow. Not that that is a bad thing alot of people enjoy just roleplaying on their own. Doing thier own nuts.


All thread authors are considered to be the initial Games Masters (GMs) of their scenarios. They should make an effort to include, at a minimum, a story, and rules in the first post or first few posts of the thread. They usually set the scene, guide players during its course and make decisions as to the outcome of the game. These authors may relinquish their right to the thread and game therein if they appoint another person to act as the GM of their RP/thread, or if the initial GM is away for an extended period at which time a new GM is appointed by group consensus and sanctioned by the Forum Moderator(s).

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