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Post by Mike on Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:14 am

Generation-X Rules

- No Deathmatch [DM] - Killing without a reason isn't allowed since this is an RP server.
- No Metagame [MG] - Having IC knowledge from OOC information sources.
- No Powergame [PG] - Abusing your IC powers, doing impossible things and not giving the player a chance to RP.
- No OOC Flaming - OOC flaming isn't allowed because It's stupid to flame a person only because of a game.
- No Spamming OOC'ly/IC'ly/on forums - Repeating things about millions times or just talking non-sence.
- No "old style" RP'ing - I mean, this is the future, not 1990's gangsta RP server. RP like It's in your time. (2009)
- No begging for the admins' rights - Begging for the admin/mod will get you BANNED or KICKED.
- No Cheating/Hacking or using some mods that give you special power - Let's play fair and this isn't a DM server anymore so who cares, you won't need godmode or some other hacks that bad because you'll RP more than kill people.
- No racism - I don't think I gotta explain here - racist - BAN
( IC racism is allowed )
- No clan making - It's quiet funny when someone starts to make a clan on our server and It's not allowed, if you really want to join a clan - go ahead but not on our server. ( We might have a clan though )

More rules will be added SOON.

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