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Bank Idea

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Bank Idea

Post by Mike on Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:23 am

About the bank idea.
Firstable, there will be GUARDS aka SECURITY there.
They'll protect it from the bank robbers, etc.
But, of course, if you want too, you CAN rob it.
The robbing process will must have :
- Fasinating roleplay
- A big team of about 5-6 people
- A fast car to get away

One mistake and the RP is done, you don't get the cash
The robbing bank will have about 1 minute untill the cops come.
You'll have to have special people to do it.
- "The guy who will have explosives" - He'll be attemping to blow the big door to the "a life of dreams". To get the money, lol
- "Armed people" - They'll be looking so that when the cops will come, they'll have about 5 hostages in the bank, holding them and shouting - "I'LL KILL EM"
- "Hacker" - Probably the car will be ponny, the hacker will be sitting there and trying to hack the bank's accounts, and look are the cops coming or not
- "Driver" - He'll drive away as fast as he can when the cops came.
** Commands ** :
Explosives - /placec64 (or however that big thing is called)
Armed people - They'll be RP'ing, grabbing the hostages and aiming at them, getting prepared even to die for the money.
Hacker - He'll have all the LAE enforcment, he'll listen what they're talking about and what they're planning about, /tracklspd. Also, that must be a huge RP for him too, It's quiet impossible to hack an LSPD's computer also, he'll do the account money sending thing too.
*** If the hacker fails to get the money from a bank account to another bank account, the guy who will have the explosives, will have to blow the thing ***
Driver - He'll have to do a huge RP, he'll be super scared and shocked. He'll have hit the walls sometimes because IRL it's not that easy if you panic.
If you actually SUCCEDE doing it then you'll get 1 million dollar..
That's just a suggestion though.

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Forums/Server Founder and Developer

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Re: Bank Idea

Post by SKy on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:15 am

i already did think most of it, anyways people if you got more to add, bring it on
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Forums/Server Founder and Developer

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